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I am a mom of two. I was lucky enough to marry my high school sweetheart and best friend. We have three cats, two dogs and 2 hamsters in our family. I was diagnosed with Lupus a while back and had to quit my job due to stress. Now I am a SAHM trying to help our budget by designing craft items on ETSY... Thank goodness for the crafting community.. They are truly the kindest people in the world...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MCPT Challenge on the Cricut Forum

This is the first time I've attempted to do what is called the MCPT challenge on the Cricut forum... MCPT stands for Magic Colored Pencil Technique. You use prisma color pencil (or the like). they must be high wax content.. Then you use what is called Gamsol or OMS (odorless mineral spirits) to blend in the color.. I had a lot of fun, but I've got a lot to learn to even think about being as good as the ladies who normally do the challenge.. Anyone interested I'm putting a link to the forum below this post.


  1. what a super cute card !!! great job with the prismas !! thanks for stopping by my blog !!!!!

  2. Love the card. Really must invest in some prismas. I seem to be a bit behind the times! I tend to colour with my Distress inks which I think are lovely, but I will definately give the prisma pencils a try. Thank you for sharing. Please pop by my blog if you get a chance.!
    Lynne. X

  3. This is great! It inspires me to get my crricut out. Thou did a fabulous job!